Urgent Announcement From The Desk of Ted Nicholas…

“I Discovered a Simple Secret Which Led to 7.9 BILLION in Revenue! Can I Personally Mentor You For The Next Year and Teach YOU How to Use This Same Secret to Make Yourself VERY Wealthy?”

“I’ve shown thousands of people how to enjoy a millionaire’s lifestyle. So many that they call me ‘The Millionaire Maker’!

And...it’s EASY when you have a multi-millionaire by your side, personally helping and guiding you every step of the way…”

Hurry! Limited spots remaining

This offer may be withdrawn without notice at any time!

Listen to Ted tell you about his Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

Ted Nicholas

Dear Friend,


This could be the most exciting letter you have ever received. Period.


Have you ever wanted to be very wealthy – but simply not known how to go about it?


Have you felt alone, lost in a sea of conflicting (and often high-priced) money-making advice?


Let me ask you one final question:


“Do you think it would be easier for you to reach your financial goals if you had a personal mentor? Someone who had amassed a multi-million fortune and who was prepared to stand by your side until YOU became a millionaire as well?”


Imagine – you could ask that person ANY question you liked – and they would tell you the real, bottom line truth.


If you were struggling, they’d be there with their years of wisdom, experience and raw money-making know-how to show you the way.


If you were lost or confused, like a close friend, your mentor would be by your side to set you straight.


Sure, there are books, manuals and CDs a-plenty. But after you’ve handed over your cash to the gurus selling their wares – all offering to teach you how to get rich - are the authors around to answer tricky questions? Or have they long vanished?


I think you know the answer...


The harsh truth is that virtually nobody who has made serious cash is willing to make themselves available to those just starting on the first rung of the ladder.


Until now.


Maybe you’ve come to doubt if you’ll ever have a change of fortune.


Maybe you’ve been wondering if you’ll EVER break free of wage-slavery… if you’ll EVER have serious money, a decent house and… the freedom to enjoy it all.


Relax. You’re not alone. You can have all this and more – and I’m going to show you how.


Please know this is unlike any other offer you may have received in the past.


Why? Because…


What I’m about to reveal to you is no mere dry theory. I have honed and tested and perfected this over the last

twenty-seven years

I’ve tested it by sharing the secret with thousands of people in 29 countries on all five continents. I am routinely paid $100,000.00+ to explain the secret to packed audiences all over the world. And… I’ve lost count (quite literally) of the number of people who have sought me out and paid $10,000.00 or more for a one-to-one with me – just to hear the secret from my own lips.


And here’s the amazing thing…


...hundreds of those people took what I told them and made themselves into millionaires – from a standing start


A friend once added up all the money I had created for others as a result of teaching my secret around the world. His conservative estimate was 7 BILLION DOLLARS! When he calls me, he says: “Can I speak to the Seven Billion Dollar Man please?!”


Well good for me, but what’s this got to do with YOU?


Forgive me for being a little presumptuous, but I firmly believe I’ve walked your long, weary mile. I’ve been where you’ve been. If you’re struggling now, trust me, I was struggling more! I can remember a time (it’s burned on my mind) when all I had in the world was $90 and a cheap suit.


That was before I made an incredible discovery...


I slaved away in poorly paid jobs, getting nowhere, using MY talents, MY skills and MY hard work to make SOMEONE ELSE wealthy!


Sound familiar?


It should do – I’ve heard the same story from thousands of people over the years.


It was my story too. But I knew I wanted ‘out’. So I asked myself over and over…

What could I do to break free from poverty? I wanted more. I wanted “The Good Life” so badly I could almost taste it…

I thought and schemed and plotted, then after many months of pondering, I suddenly realized that maybe I should… run my own business.


If others were getting wealthy through my talents, perhaps I should become one of “the others”!


“Yes,” I thought, “That’s the way to get loads of money.”


That was my “Master Plan” at the ripe old age of twenty-one. I thought I was pretty hot stuff to have come up with that little gem!


I freely admit I had visions of myself, big cigar firmly clamped in mouth, walking into the hushed, marbled reception area of “Nicholas Towers” – acknowledging a respectful nod and “Good morning Mr. Nicholas” from the uniformed doorman…


You get the idea! Delusions of grandeur!


So… I started my own business. If you’re interested (though it’s not relevant) it was an ice cream and fudge shop.


Guess what?


It took me two long years to realize that I’d bought myself a minimum wage “MacJob”!


I was working harder, faster and longer than I’d ever done as a wage slave. I was making candy and ice cream, wiping tables, cleaning sinks, washing the windows, sweeping the floor and serving customers from dawn until dusk.


And… when you added it all up at the end of the year … I’d made about the same in “take home” as I’d have made as a normal employee.


Something was wrong. This certainly wasn’t “The Secret” I’d been searching for...


Now before I go on and tell you how things changed for me (and boy, did they change!) let me just check that my current lifestyle is something you might be interested in. After all, we don’t all want the same things in life. There’s no shame in living a modest life, in a modest house, holding down a mediocre job. Millions do just that.


But if that’s you, there’s no point in your reading further because...

This letter is not about being mediocre. It’s about YOU making your fortune with my personal help

Mediocrity certainly wasn’t what I wanted. Back then, I wanted… well… the LOT! A huge mansion, several holiday homes, an eye-turning car, a gorgeous woman and lots and lots of cash in my wallet. In fact (and please don’t laugh) I wanted so many hundred dollar bills in my wallet that I’d have trouble even CLOSING the darned thing!


Maybe I’m a bit unusual. But I also didn’t want to sit around all day in an armchair eating potato chips and watching mindless soaps on TV. I wanted to be “out there” getting the respect, fun and bundles of cash which come from running one (or several) ultra-successful “cash-cow” businesses. These are the types of business where you don’t have to work very hard – but which generate hundreds of thousands a year in profits. (I eventually went on to start 22 such businesses!)

I wanted to make so much money I couldn’t possibly spend it fast enough – no matter WHAT I bought!

So I guess I’m asking… is this what YOU want? (And I admit it’s not for everyone.)


Do YOU want the admiration of your friends, colleagues and family?


Warning: some may be envious too!


Do YOU want all the advantages of having serious money?


I’m talking millions here. The car of your dreams, the large house in private grounds, the top-class holidays, first-class travel everywhere (believe me, once you fly first class, you’ll NEVER fly economy again!)


Do YOU want the great feeling of a lifetime of achievement, running one or more outstandingly successful businesses which allow you and your family to “live the dream”?


If the answer is YES! Then I know I can help you as I have helped thousands of others.

The Secret of Getting Wealthy

So now, let me ask you a vital question: “What are the only ways of getting wealthy that you’ve ever heard about?”


(It’s amazing that most people want to get rich, but they haven’t ever sat down and asked themselves this simple question…)


When you get right down to it… there are only three ways of becoming wealthy.


They are…


1. Luck – winning the lottery… or your Great Aunt Matilda leaving you a million or three in her will… or marrying into money… or being handed a large sum of cash for free… or discovering an oil well or diamond field in your back garden.


Trouble with that is… well... you have to get lucky! I’m sure you know the chances of winning most lotteries are as close to zero as makes no difference. Besides, I didn’t want to live my life waiting for the next lottery draw! What kind of life would that have been?


2. Crime knocking over a bank, running some guns, becoming a drug baron. Well, somehow doing thirty years in Sing-Sing didn’t appeal! And anyway (this is important) you want to go to bed at night knowing you did it fair and square. Nobody was hurt by what you did - in fact you helped many thousands of people. It’s not all about the money. But maybe I can see that more clearly being older and wiser now than I was back then.


So forget luck – that may or may not happen for you.


Forget crime – the penalties are too high, it hurts others and it’s beneath your self-respect and dignity.


So that just leaves ONE way of getting rich! And it is…


3. Running your own business - This was the first half of the secret I discovered at age 21. I was on the right track back then but without the other half I was going nowhere.

Please don’t jump to conclusions for the moment until I reveal the other part of the secret which I will do in just a moment.


Right now, hold on to this thought…

Many rich and famous people began as small business owners.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Rich DeVos, Mary Kay, Steve Jobs, Ross Perot, Richard Marriott, Earl Graves, and Michael Dell are extraordinary examples of small business owners who grew their companies into giant enterprises.


And I’m not talking about YOU running some giant enterprise (unless you want to of course) I’m just saying they all started small – many from a spare bedroom!

I’m talking about Cash-Cow businesses, many of them home-based, that pull-in hundreds of thousands a year for you and don’t require you to slave for 8 hours a day.

Okay, let me push along because what I’m going to reveal is so powerful and yet so ordinary. I implore you not to make the mistake I nearly did by imagining you know this already.


Now if we’re on the same wavelength, maybe you’re thinking something like this (I certainly did when I was trying to get rich)…


“Okay, I know that running my own show is the only sensible way of making a million, but… take a look around you at the average business. They don’t seem to be doing that great. For every one roaring success, there are maybe a hundred limp-alongs.”


If you agree with that I want to congratulate you because...

You have what it takes to be a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

This is exactly what I thought too. I looked at the dreary collection of businesses in the streets and malls where I lived and… hardly any were making more than a living wage.

The insurance shops, the repair centre, the key-cutting and shoe-heeling bar, the 7/11 store and wine merchant. Lots of hard work and long hours going on. But not many millionaires in sight!


(A glance at the owner’s cars told me everything I needed to know!)


I grabbed a copy of Yellow Pages and glanced through the ads. Dog washing and grooming, restaurants, pest control, tree surgery, swimming pool maintenance, mobile car valet – hundreds upon hundreds of ads… hundreds upon hundreds of businesses...


And behind each advertisement was a struggling entrepreneur probably working silly hours and only making a living wage.


But then… I suddenly realized that MY ice cream and fudge business was exactly the same! I was working silly hours and making only modest money - just like all those other businesses! Yet I’d lost sight of that fact in the romantic fantasy of “being my own boss”.


I knew then that I was on the track of part two of the secret because...


…in amongst those loser businesses were a sprinkling of WINNER businesses.


And… since I KNEW that running your own show was the only sensible way to get very, very wealthy (there are five million “dollar millionaires” in the USA and a million “pound millionaires” in the UK and most of them made it by starting a small business) all I had to do was ask one, simple question…

“What is the difference between a ‘winner’ Cash-Cow business, and a ‘loser’ limp-along business?”

Or putting it another way, why is it that most small business owners barely scrape by?


And it’s true! Most small entrepreneurs struggle to make their payroll and bills, even with excellent products and services. They work killer hours. They ruin their health. They spend precious little time with their families. And… still they never seem to get ahead, regardless.


What I started wondering was…

Why do some entrepreneurs have it made... and others never seem to get out of the starting blocks?

These elite owners who have “cracked it” have a completely different quality of life. They balance work and play.


They spend limited hours on their business. They are relaxed and work almost effortlessly.


They enjoy plenty of vacations and have seemingly unlimited money. They spend lots of quality time with family, while building a tremendously profitable business worth millions when they eventually sell out.


Here’s what I uncovered (and I hope you’ll find this as fascinating as I did)…


It's NOT how much money they started with. I know billionaires who started with a hundred dollars – literally. I know even more people who went broke starting on $250,000.00 or more!


It's NOT I.Q. I am living testimony to that! I’m just averagely intelligent. Most millionaires I know are normal people, with average IQ. In fact, many of the really intelligent people I know only have a modest amount of money. They’re excellent at their jobs, but never mastered the trick of making the big bucks. Yes folks, rocket scientists really don’t get rich!


It's NOT luck. Over the course of my lifetime, I reckon my good luck has been matched by the same amount of bad luck – and it will be the same for you (give or take).


It's NOT who they know. That’s an old chestnut. Sure it may have been true in the nineteenth century and maybe it’s still true in politics. But in business? It’s got little to do with anything. I know many millionaires and I can tell you straight that not one of them made it due to their “connections”.


It's NOT their products. Like you, I’ve seen truly GREAT products flop hopelessly. I’ve seen utterly MEDIOCRE products make millions and millions for the business owners. (I’m thinking of a certain computer operating system. But I’d better not go there!)


So what IS “part two” of The Secret?


It's know-how.


But a very special kind of know-how which makes all the difference. These insider secrets are easy to learn but are not taught in any school or university.

Would you like to know the inside secrets of the super rich?

If so, here’s the biggest ‘secret’ of all….




More than any other thing it is marketing that makes the difference between struggling to pay your bills and having so much money you’re almost embarrassed to bank it!


Now please…. hold back from what you’re thinking right now.


Don’t lose the plot here as I nearly did back then.


If I’d wavered I would still be serving ice-cream and wrapping fudge for minimum wage, instead of enjoying the superb lifestyle of a multi-millionaire.

So right now, I’m begging you… Forget ANYTHING you know about marketing.

If you think it’s a “dry” subject – forget that.


If you think it’s something to do with going out, knocking on doors and selling stuff – forget that.


If you think you’re going to have to do a lot of studying and poring over complicated textbooks crammed with graphs and figures – forget that.


If you have any books on marketing, take them right now and throw them in the trash. I have NEVER read such a book and I have NEVER studied “marketing” in any conventional sense.


If you’re unfortunate enough to have studied marketing at college – forget it all.

Erase it from your brain.

Burn your notes and warm your hands in front of the blaze – they’re not worth the paper they’re written on.

How many college marketing teachers are millionaires? In fact, how many of them have made ANY serious money from their own “marketing skills”?


Answer – none whatsoever! They are, in the main, nice, well-meaning but BROKE lecturers living in third-rate houses driving five year old “family” cars and taking budget holidays.

And you want to learn from them?!!!

Want to know what marketing is? It’s selling the sizzle, not the sausage. It’s selling the benefits of the product, not the features.


It’s selling the dream, not the cold, harsh reality.


Boy, when I got that it was like the old light bulb going off in my brain. It suddenly became totally clear to me why some businesses made mega-bucks whilst the rest limped-along or failed.


My excitement was now intense because I had uncovered the second part of the two-part wealth puzzle.

I could almost smell the money!

So… I looked at my own business and saw that I had used literally ZERO marketing in it. Sure I had a menu and a price list and a business card… but no marketing.


I won’t bore you with the details (for I have written about this elsewhere) but I made a small change to how I sold my fudge and… my business tripled almost overnight. It was truly magical. I’m talking about a twenty-four hour turn-around from a limp-along business to one which was making very good money.


And it didn’t stop there. Of course I eventually sold out that business and made a LOT of money – then went on to start 22 other businesses all using the same secret weapon – marketing. And all without reading a single book on the subject!


And this IS possible for you, I am totally convinced. So stick with me on this one...


Let’s recap. To remind you, the two parts to The Wealth Secret are:


1.      Start your own small business. (Don’t worry about what sort of business right now. You’d be amazed to learn that it doesn’t matter that much! People get this SO wrong – they focus on the type of business and not the marketing.)

2.      Apply the raw power of marketing to your business.


And please let me also remind you that this is the ONLY way you’re going to get wealthy (ignoring luck and crime) so I’m not giving you an option here.

Knowing and applying these secrets allowed me to sell nearly seven BILLION dollars worth of merchandise and pocket a multi-million dollar fortune for myself

Okay, if you’re with me on this, let me bring it all together and tell you the God’s honest truth about how to get very rich – and remember I’m talking more money than you can handle.


Millions, tens of millions even hundreds of millions – it’s up to you.

This is how to get very, very rich

Here’s how you do it...


To get very wealthy you need to learn some special marketing secrets from someone who has used these exact same secrets to sell over seven BILLION dollars worth of goods and services; someone who has made so many millionaires (just from this secret) that he is called “The Millionaire Maker”.


That, my friend, is me – in case you were wondering!

Now I want to confess that you can get these secrets in books, courses, CDs and DVDs, many of which I have produced myself, BUT... the problem is it’s going to take you quite a bit of time and money to go through all that material.


You can do that, but I’m wondering if you’d like to get rich a LOT SOONER than that? To do this, you need a fast-track method, and that means having me stand by your side every step of the way, guiding you and your particular business to success.


The good news is – I’m prepared to do exactly that if you are willing to learn from me and let me guide you.


To do that, I want to invite you into a very special and very personal Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program.


What Role Can a Mentor Play in Your Life?


Every entrepreneur could benefit from a mentor of some kind

Not unexpectedly, just getting specific feedback on business issues from a successful person who has “been there, done that” can be invaluable.


Mentors help us make better choices. And better decisions. With their years of experience they can help us avoid mistakes. Even costly disasters.


Best of all, a marketing oriented mentor like Ted can help us spot and capitalize on opportunities we might never see otherwise.


And you may, as do so many of Ted’s clients, also not just want to achieve business success. But are interested in a great quality of life and achieving the real secret. That all-important balance.


Choices in health, career, relationships and money matters must all be in harmony for any of us to be a truly happy person.


Ted, who has worked diligently to achieve balance in his life, will share his personal journey and conclusions which serve to make your life richer and with greater meaning.


This program has just ONE aim – to get YOU your first million as quickly as possible


I have SO much I want to share with you. For example, I’d love to disclose the HOT buttons which get people to buy – and buy from you again and again.


If you knew just this ONE fact, you could be the next millionaire!


Yes, it really IS possible, but... you need to have the knowledge and if you want fast-track success, you need me standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you. I’ll be sharing with you everything I know about how to get wealthy. All the tips, all the secrets, all the strategies learned the hard way by investing millions of dollars to see what works and what doesn’t.

All you have to do is take these simple secrets, apply them and stand back in astonishment as the cash rolls into your account

Here are just a few of the things I would like to give you in this powerful mentoring program:

  • Access to me, Ted Nicholas, at least 12 times a year via e-mail for consulting and critique. You really can contact me at my personal email address with any issues or questions you have and I’ll give you my undivided attention.  You can get personal critiques and feedback about your website, sales copy, product or marketing plans

    My standard consulting rate is $5,000 an hour minimum, so that’s a

                                                                  $60,000 value!

  • Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program newsletter packed full of no-waffle advice, tips and ‘killer’ strategies, delivered to your home. (Due to the controversial nature of my advice, this is NOT available outside the mentoring program)

  •                                                               A $497 value

  • A very special limited edition DVD called The Best of Ted Nicholas. Filmed at a $5,000 per ticket ‘behind closed doors’ event you will see me in action revealing some of the most powerful marketing information ever released. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by saying too much here, but you’re going to be blown away by what you see on this DVD (it is NOT available to the general public and you cannot buy this DVD anywhere else.) Seminar attendees pay $77 for this DVD but......it’s yours TOTALLY FREE when you sign up for the Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program today

                                                                          A $77 value   

  • Face-to-face seminars with me personally. Special invitation only for Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program members only. No outsiders permitted. There will be no camera or recording devices allowed. Everyone in attendance, including me, will be able to speak freely and off the record

    A $5,000 value

  • Members success stories, critiques and advice.

    One of the best ways to learn is by becoming aware of what advice others are getting and what is working big time for the TED NICHOLAS CONTRARIAN ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING PROGRAM members. As a confidential society member you are treated as an insider. You will be exposed to the latest “cutting edge” advice about what is actually working today. This could be one of your biggest benefits and worth a fortune to you.

    Discover for yourself exactly why I’m the highest paid marketing consultant in the world. Normally clients pay me $120,000 per year and up for this type of advice. Why? Because my tips make them huge amounts of money − you too will soon be receiving the advice that works big time in the marketplace.

                                                              A $60,000 value

  • Special V.I.P. pricing for private Ted Nicholas seminars in the U.S. and around the world. You will always be treated as a V.I.P., in a special V.I.P. section. And you always get a low cost seminar entrance fee

    A $10,000 value


  • Fax/email coaching tips sent right to your in-tray

    A $197 value


  • Copywriting advice. The “sales letter” is the one place people often get stuck. Don’t worry! I’ll be there to help you every step of the way with copywriting advice and support

    A $20,000 value



  • Resale rights. You will be offered the first opportunity to test or acquire valuable resale and direct marketing (online and offline) to “hot” new products that are constantly being offered to me

    A $20,000 value



Total Package Value: $175,777


Among the (literally) hundreds of secrets I will share with you are...


·        I will show you how to write the “irresistible” offer which will have customers flocking to part with their cash


·        I’ll reveal how to use “swipe” files to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year


·        I will disclose 103 Internet marketing tactics which, if used properly, mean you almost CANNOT FAIL to make large bundles of cash from your web site (people get this VERY wrong)


·        I’ll explain how to avoid ‘hit or miss’ marketing—a common cause of marketing failure


·        I’ll show you how to create your initial products and services including the critical “backend”. (This is where you’ll make your millions)


·        Advantage and disadvantages of incorporation, offshore tax havens from an entrepreneurs point of view


And that’s not all. Here are just a few of the things which previous students have discovered from working with me.

How to Make 1,000% to 2,000% Profit Every Day of the Week!

How to Get a Big Check in the Mail Every Month for Making Two Easy Phone Calls


The Millionaire’s Secret to Selling Thousands of Books or Manuals!

A Million-Pound Secret Formula to Getting FREE Advertising

23 Rules for Writing “Killer” Headlines

One Sure-Fire Method You Can Use to Get People to Send You Their Money Quickly

Two Words that Can Make You Big Money

Eight Things You Can Do to Pull More Orders

The Secret some Companies Use to Make Millions of Pounds

Give People These Four Things... and Get FILTHY RICH

How You Can Bring in Optimum Profits with Your Back-End Offers

Make Sure You Answer These Four Questions Clearly, Concisely and Dramatically and You Can Make Thousands of Pounds

How to Earn Steady Money All Year Long

A Handful of Quick Ways to Turn Expenses into Profits

Your Little, Tiny, Inexpensive Advertisements Can Generate Thousands of Cash Orders

The More Powerful Benefits Your Product Has, the Better

Do You Have What It Takes to Make A Fortune? The Answer Is...

Five Proven Things That Can Ensure Your Success in the Direct-Response Business

The Seven Questions You Must Answer in Every Advertisement You Create in Order to Make the Most Money Possible

Offer Your Customers More than the Same Old Rhetoric, Offer a Distinct Advantage

The One Thing That Will Make People Absolutely Want to Do Business with You Instead of Your Competitors Is...

      And that is just a small taster of the sort of one-on-one advice I will be giving you.

Please remember I have just ONE aim...


To Make YOU a Millionaire in the

Very Shortest Possible Time


I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I can do this – because I have helped hundreds of people to achieve millionaire status.


So many, they call me “The Millionaire Maker”.


The future belongs to successful marketers. You must either accept this, or sink into financial oblivion. That is not an understatement. Recruiting these powerful marketing secrets is not an option for you - it is essential.


The ability to produce strong convincing copy or advertisements will make or break your business. And the Internet will make this more important, not less. A web site is nothing more than a series of single page advertisements which your potential customers will flick through at the rate of one page per second - if you’re lucky! How important do you think it is to get them to linger by using captivating headlines and ‘magic words’ which force them to read on?


A small change of emphasis in a mailing piece; a subtle change of headline in an advertisement; a slight repositioning of your idea or product − these things can easily triple or quadruple the response rate


Believe me, this makes the difference between mediocre results and stunning levels of profit.


If you gear this with some time-proven techniques for getting more customers, keeping them longer and having them spend more each time they shop with you, then you have a formula for success. A reliable money-pump which will run almost on “auto pilot” and pump a constant stream of wealth into your bank account.


Every successful product and service you will ever encounter has become profitable due to the power of marketing.


Making a six figure income is all about taking a first-class

product or service and endowing it with the correct positioning,

niche, spin and perception.


For example, suppose I write a book entitled “Relationship Dynamics between Male and Females and How To Improve Them.”


How many copies would you expect me to sell? Ten? Possibly - if I had ten close friends and relations who owed me a favor! Supposing I renamed the exact same book: “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”? Need I say more? This is the raw power of marketing in action - a mere change of title (headline) can make the difference between ten books sold and four million books sold. Same product - different “headline.”


At the opposite end of the scale, vacuum cleaner inventor James Dyson has sold around £200 million worth of his device by using the universal principles of marketing. In the popular mind, what sucks up dirt more strongly than anything known to man? A tornado! So James designed a cleaner with a visible, rotating mini-tornado inside - then marketed it to a niche at a far higher price than most other cleaners. Clever design. Clever positioning, Clever marketing.


The difference between total failure and brilliant success.


There are tens of thousands of similar success stories. Examine these successes and what is the common link? Good product or service backed by clever marketing.


This really has the power to transform modest incomes into super-wealth money-pumps. The simple truth is that the secret of marketing has created thousands of multi-millionaires.


These same secrets could transform your life in the same way it transformed theirs - why shouldn't you become a millionaire as well?


These are the secrets which I will help you to use in your own business to power-boost your profits. I’ll work one-to-one with you until we hone your own personal success formula.


I wish I’d had something like this years ago when I first started out, someone to “hold my hand” and teach me one-to-one all the inside millionaire secrets they had used to get extremely rich.


I’d have saved YEARS of time and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

Imagine the advantage you’ll have with an experienced multi-millionaire by your side, guiding you every step of the way. You surely MUST succeed!

What would you pay to have arguably the top marketing guru on the planet sharing his wealth creation secrets with you?


Secrets which have cost millions to test and hone and which have created BILLIONS of dollars in sales?


Secrets which you could take immediately and that very same day start having them work for YOU?


Normally a seat at a private, invitation-only seminar conducted by me would be as much as $7,500 (£5,000 in the UK) and worth every penny and more. Each year I speak at many such seminars. Word has obviously got around because my seminars are mostly sold out.


That’s understandable! £5,000 to learn the inside secrets of a millionaire entrepreneur.

Now that’s a bargain!


But I know many people don’t enjoy the seminar format – then there’s the travelling and other hassle. That’s why I have decided to offer a few lucky people a place on my Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program.


I initially thought about selling this package for $500 per month. Honestly it is worth ten times that amount. But then I remembered what it was like when I first started out and I know $500 a month would have been tough to find. So I settled on just $97 per month as being an affordable investment.


But for a limited time you can join us as a charter member for just $47 per month. And you can “test drive” the program for a full month free and without obligation to see whether or not it’s for you.


Yes, if you’re rubbing your eyes, you can stop now! I haven’t missed off a zero!


Just $47 a month to have me guiding you every step of the way towards your first million.


Just think of it. Your investment for a full year of my personal services is less than your normal cost to attend a single weekend seminar conducted by me.


I suspect you’d spend more on a weekend getaway than a whole year of membership benefits. Can you even conceive of a better investment with such a huge potential return?


You could easily make ONE HUNDRED times this amount in your very first month on the mentoring program!


But if it’s okay with you, I want to go one better...


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After 30 days, once you’ve become a full fledged member of the TED NICHOLAS CONTRARIAN ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING PROGRAM you’ll be sent a luxurious hard-bound edition of my book, Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets.

You’ll love how it will endow your business library I can assure you. And I invite you to bring it along the next time we meet a seminar or members’ meeting. I’ll be pleased to personally autograph it for you (making it much more valuable.)


In this power-packed 357 page manual, Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets, you will discover:

·         The magical power of certain words. (Honestly, this gives you such an unfair advantage it shouldn’t be allowed!)

 ·      7 Secrets of great writing. (Can’t write? Don’t worry, neither could I! This could be a BENEFIT not a disadvantage)

 ·         Simple space advertising secrets that can bring you a fortune each week

 ·         12 little mailing tips that could make you a million dollars a year

 ·         Ten word headlines that can earn you a fortune

·         How to make $1,000 for each word you write. (100 words? $10,000. 1,000 words? One million dollars!)

·         The top ten mistakes in preparing sales letters – and how to avoid them

 ·         How a humble postage stamp could net you $63,000 a month!

 ·         A sure-fire tip that always increases sales

 ·       How to create a home-based self-publishing cash machine. (You’ll love this! Make ten  times the money working one fifth as hard!)

 ·       How to make an extra $2,000,000 profit on one mailing!

 ·         The secret to getting a 100% response

Plus you will also discover:

·         Why you are 17 words or less away from earning a fortune

·         Why emotional, right-brain words produce the highest response rates

·         How to instantly change your sales message in 10 seconds or less to increase response by as much as 2400%!

·       The 9 little-known secrets to a successful space advertisement (I have often changed just ONE word in a client’s ad and doubled their response!)

·         How to prepare an appealing order form (including the exact words) that increases orders by as much as 10 times instead of using a typical ugly one that depresses response

·         The exact words you should use in preparing a money-back guarantee that will both increase sales and reduce refunds

·         How to slash space advertising costs by up to 80%

·         How to succeed using just the Internet (I’m appalled at how wrong people get this one!)

9 tips which keep people reading your ad instead of stopping so early you have no chance to sell your product or service

·         5 magic phrases that assure you get your envelope opened

·         How to prepare "killer" two-step ads which can bring sacks full of money to your front door!

·         Three Magic Words that can increase response to your two-step ads by 3,000%

·         How to increase your average order value by 40%-60% without a penny of additional marketing costs

·         How to use inexpensive classified ads in print and on the Internet to bring in millions in profitable sales (I started my huge publishing empire with a simple little classified advertisement which I'll share with you.)

There’s so much in this manual. I’ve just given you a tiny taste of what you will be getting.

I can honestly attribute all the millions I've earned directly to the same secrets you will discover for yourself when you join my unique Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

All you need to begin your journey to wealth and freedom is an open mind. And the desire.


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It’s Decision Time!

Well now we come to the moment of truth...


You’ve read what I have to say and hopefully I have convinced you of two things:


1.      That I walk the talk and am not just full of hot air.

2.      That it really is possible to become a millionaire entrepreneur, providing you have guidance from someone who has “been there – done that”. I am willing to give you that guidance, personally, one-on one in my Contrarian Entrepreneur Mentoring Program.

There is still more



Lots of people know for 37 years I’ve been deeply involved in nutrition, alternative medicine and exercise.


I’ve noted in recent seminars many attendees ask questions about these topics and want my “take” on them. (Bethany, my life’s partner) has also commented on the amazing and increasing  popularity of health issues. Especially from a practical, non-doctor’s point of view.


So I’ve decided to include my personal health opinions, tips and even recipes for members of the TED NICHOLAS CONTRARIAN ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING PROGRAM.




One of the key reasons you, I − all of us − do our work is of course to achieve a lifestyle that personally suits us.


For example, I have homes in Switzerland, Cyprus and Tampa. I also have widely diversified and hugely successful investments, many of which would probably be new to you. I also have managed to assemble a collection of vintage cars. And I regularly participate in sports, including tennis, weight training, walking and swimming.


If you’d like to enhance the range of your lifestyle choices and options, I believe I (along with Bethany) can help you perhaps expand your future choices.

Limited opportunity − No long-term commitment necessary

The TED NICHOLAS CONTRARIAN ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING PROGRAM will be limited to no more than 497 members. And this is not marketing “hype” or puffery. 


Once this membership number is reach that’s it. We then will decline new applicants.


With over 5,000,000 enthusiastic readers of Ted Nicholas’ books worldwide, as well as numerous clients, we expect to reach our limit quickly.


So if you’d like to reap the benefits of my personal mentoring program I suggest you apply at once!


Of course, if for any reason you wish to stop being a member of our program, you  may resign at any time. Just send a letter of resignation by letter or e-mail. We will then make your place available to the next person in line on our waiting list.


Please note:


1.      Since the TED NICHOLAS CONTRARIAN ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING PROGRAM is a personal service, I reserve the right to refuse a prospective member’s application for any reason whatsoever.


2.      I reserve the right to cease providing the service to anyone at any time and for any reason. In such a case the member’s credit card will immediately stop being charged.


3.      As with all business ventures, past success does not imply or guarantee future success for anyone. Each member must diligently apply the success principles I teach to his or her own business. I can make no warranties that can assure success as there are always risks that must be observed and taken into account in any business venture.


So now it’s time for you to ask yourself some vital questions…


Are you prepared to try something different from what you’ve been trying up until now?

You know the old saying: “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done –you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

Why not take a firm decision right now to turn your life around?

The qualifications you must meet

You must maintain confidentiality.

You must agree in writing never to publish, resell, or distribute the information you learn in the TED NICHOLAS CONTRARIAN ENTREPRENEUR MENTORING PROGRAM. The copyrighted material and trade secrets are for your own use and benefit.

Indeed, you technically will not own any of the materials you receive. Your monthly fee entitles you to lease the materials indefinitely, provided you do not try to sell or distribute the information in any way. If you do we will revoke your membership. And we will move to confiscate the illegally sold material from whoever purchased it from you.

This protects my intellectual property and it protects your membership investment.

Who should apply for membership?

  • Entrepreneurs with an open mind

  • Small business owners who wish to increase income and profits

  • Entrepreneurs whose goal is to start a successful business

  • Executives in medium to large corporations who want to bring an entrepreneurial point of view to the firm

  • Entrepreneurs who take responsibility for their own success

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in networking and sharing with other entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs who value “real world” knowledge and are willing to continually invest a portion of their income in themselves

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in profitable joint venture opportunities

Who should not apply for membership?

  • Entrepreneurs who are “know it alls” and are not open to new ideas Whiners, complainers and those with a “victim” mentality

  • People who feel someone else such as the government owes them a living

  • People who do not see the value of being a lifelong student of business and of life

  • People who view acquiring more money as more important than health, personal relationships and career satisfaction

Are you willing to invest in your future and invest in something which could bring you and your family everything

you’ve EVER wanted?



That’s fantastic – you have what it takes to make a great success of your life.


Soon you will be part of a very elite group. Membership is strictly limited because my time is limited and I devote a lot of personal attention to guiding the members of my group to their own personal fortune. Remember this is not dry theory! I have helped so many people to get wealthy. I’d love to help you to become a millionaire too.

     Frankly, for you to fully appreciate my mentoring program you’ll simply have to experience it for yourself. Then, after the Free month trial, you’ll automatically be charged the lowest price offered for charter membership. It’s only $47 a month (that’s 53% off the regular price of $97 per month.) That way you won’t miss any of the ongoing mentoring secrets.

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     Don’t worry. You are never locked in. You still have an “out” anytime. Just shoot us an e-mail or fax. You will stop being billed immediately.

To join, all you need to do is fill in and return the attached Membership Application. But this is a limited offer. Already one-third of the slots have been filled. To avoid disappointment join now!


Remember this profound truth. The cost of education is paid only once. The cost of ignorance is paid forever,


I wish you a hugely successful and prosperous “millionaire entrepreneur” lifestyle!


I KNOW you can do it!

All the best

Ted Nicholas

  I’m only offering the Free month trial of the Ted Nicholas Contrarian Entrepreneur   Program initially to a small select group. Only then will I roll it out to other lists at a much   higher price. To avoid disappointment, I urge you not to procrastinate. Once the charter membership is full I will need to pull the page and your invitation along with it.

  If you are slightly hesitant or in any way balking at the price (even with the reduced charter   membership rate), that may be a good thing for all concerned.  That means your spot will go to someone else who can profit from this insider information. My bluntness is not meant to offend anyone. It’s just the plain truth. I don’t want mentoring members unless they are 100% on board. And, therefore, will apply the inside information coming their way each and every month.

I’ve done all I can to make it as risk free as possible. Now it’s up to you to activate your subscription.

You will not be charged any membership fee for the first 30-day trial period.  Thereafter your credit card will be charged just $47 monthly. Of course you may cancel at any time if the program is not meeting your needs.

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