“Attention: Past, Present, and Future Millionaires!”

Dear Client and Mentee,

It's time to upgrade!

Several members of my Contrarian Entrepreneur Mastermind Mentoring Program members have already upgraded to the highest mentoring level:

Double Platinum Mastermind Membership

While many businesses all around us are closing down and filing for bankruptcy, many of our Double Platinum members are experiencing record values and profits.

Double Platinum membership is just $833 per month. That's just $27 per day!

And let's face it, by comparison you can't even get a decent used car, run a small marketing test, or even have a night on the town for this limited investment.

What about you?

But here is the good news. I’ve already made all of these mistakes. Therefore, you don’t have to make them yourself!

Participation in the Double Platinum Mastermind Group includes:

  • Small, intimate group of achievers

    Limited to 17 people. Members include several of the most successful online and offline marketers
  • No recordings allowed for privacy reasons

    Therefore, you can feel free to share as much as you'd like to reveal and get feedback upon. This includes your marketing, copy, and business challenges
  • Meetings held in interesting places in the world. This includes Switzerland; Vancouver, Canada; France; Italy; and the UK
  • Introductions to experts in:
Currencies – Which are the safest and most productive ones to protect all or part of your hard-earned cash
Tax Savings

Strategies from countries around the world – How to keep a good portion of your wealth free from burdensome taxes, so that you and your family can enjoy life even more
Bank Accounts

Where and how to set up accounts in safe banks which respect your privacy
Unique investments not found elsewhere

For example, there is one rock-solid investment few people know about that pay you a secure 7% return for life!
Second passports

Why it may be invaluable for you to consider a second passport (legal of course) in today's uncertain world?
Foreign residence

How can you most benefit from foreign residency? Which countries are best?
Real estate around the world

What's the best way to invest internationally?
Protect your individual freedom and privacy

Attacks on freedom are increasing daily, what can you do to protect yourself?

  • Legal threats that could infringe on your wealth

    How to protect yourself and steer clear of them

    Lawsuits today are exploding. Not only in the U.S., but in all first-world countries
  • At least 50% off Ted Nicholas seminar events – some will even be Free
Double Platinum Upgrade Enrollment Application

Upgrade now to the Double Platinum Mentoring level. Plus, get the Dream Information Publishing Home-Study Course (Includes DVD's, written transcript of every word at seminar and complete seminar workbook).

ßThere is a 6-month non-cancellation commitment.

Print out and fax your confidential application to + 357 26 652 651(from U.S. 011-357 26 652 651; from Europe 00357 26 652 651).

Click here for a copy of the Double Platinum application form


Ted Nicholas

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