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Joel Bauer - Author of "How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded"

Here's the transcript from above clip...

"This is Joel Bauer, the best-selling author of "How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded."  I just came back from Australia yet again.  And I was touched by someone.  Absolutely, masterfully touched by Ted Nicholas. 

You know him, he is a legend.  If you don't you are rather clueless concerning the art of marketing or copywriting. 

This man was there before the biggest names in the industry, many of whom are already gone. He is a vital human being.  His energy and presence are still impacting lives and I had the pleasure of listening to him train an audience.  Inspire an audience.  He inspired me.  He taught me some things that I didn't know that I needed to know.

And until you are a student for life, like Ted Nicholas, until you can sit there and still learn, even now when the man has literally created more fortunes that most will ever even come in contact with. 

Ted Nicholas makes a difference in peoples' lives.  Financially, emotionally, physiologically, he makes a difference on all levels.

I'm gonna be at his 120th birthday.  I hope that I'm in good shape then.  I know he will be.  He invited me and he is also inviting you. He is an inspiration and he sets the example.  He is a model of excellence and he gives you the ability to take better care of your family. 

If you have an opportunity to train with, or be touched by his writings, his books, his DVDs, his CDs, his training, they are a legacy. 

Ted Nicholas is living the legacy and yes, he will be leaving it as well.  He's amazing."

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“I have actively used your ‘Magic Words' programme over 5 short years with sensational results…There have been successes for us, some small, others significant and some very profound but in short…

"We have taken a modest, underperforming, sinking business of £3m ($5m US) to a thriving, profitable 13m ($23m US) mushrooming success using Magic Words."

"Keep up the excellent work."

- Roddy Symcox


"I had the pleasure of spending an hour or so with Ted Nicholas, the Father of Emotional Direct Response."

"After studying him for six years, it was a buzz to meet this gentleman of Direct Response. His words have definitely had an impact on the quality of copy I knock out each week."

"Apart from his energy and sheer zest for living (he jogged onto the stage to the Rocky them with the energy and vitality of a man half his age). What struck me the most was his graciousness."

"I mean there was no ego about him at all."

"I've been to the seminars, seen the new faces on the circuit…been around long enough to see who is selling smoke and mirrors…and who is ‘the real deal."

"I've seen shy, undemanding speakers turn into temper-tantrum-throwing lunatics. Seen ordinary folk with their one-hit wonders take the stage and turn into egotistical monsters."

"But when you meet a true legend, not some poncy pretender, and he's as gracious and down to earth as Ted, it makes you realize the importance of being yourself and just enjoying…of not getting caught up in your own PR."

"Just because you're famous, rich and admired, and speak on stage to thousands of people each year, doesn't mean you have to be a bigheaded, egotistical tosser!"

-Pete R. Godfrey
 Emotional Ad Writing Letter
 October, 2006


"I have just attended Yanik Silver's Seminar in London. Over 4 days I sat and listened to nearly 20 speakers, most of whom have a reputation for making BIG money for themselves."

"That's great! But what I need is someone who shares information I can use to make big money for ME."

"Each speaker talked for around 90 minutes and at various points you could see people checking their watches."

"On Saturday, you stood up and proceeded to hold every member of the audience absolutely spellbound. You talked for FOUR HOURS SOLID, yet it only seemed like 30 minutes."

"My pen worked overtime as you delivered an information-packed speech that was worth ten times the cost of the entire seminar— minimum."

"Ted, your presentation can only be described in one word—AWESOME!"

"It's no wonder you left the stage to a rapturous standing ovation!"

"Living Legend is an understatement. Truly THE King of Marketing—I bow before you."

"On a scale of one to ten—You ARE Eleven!"

Lee Wood
Success University
Cambridge, UK
September, 2006


Hi Ted,

"I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your 4 hour seminar in London, UK a few weeks ago. I should have been at a friends wedding that night, but there was no way I was going to leave the seminar until you had finished talking. I wanted to hear and understand every word you said."

"My mission now is to learn everything I can about copywriting and study all of your courses. I have already signed up for your newsletter and bought “Magic Words that Make You Rich”.

Thank you again
-Graham Stogden
September 2006


Since the seminar, I've used your Advertising Secrets on each of the three copywriting projects I've used and seen response rates between 2 and 7 percent. Thanks again for all the great information!

-John Beede
Las Vegas, Nevada


Sales results achieved by the above customers are not typical or an average of any kind and may even be an exception.

Success or failure in all marketing endeavors greatly varies depending on the individual application and personal efforts applied to our training in our books, home-study courses and CD’s by each individual customer.

Therefore, unless you are highly exceptional as are the customers we quote, it is highly unlikely you will achieve similar results.

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