Topics covered in "The Success Margin"

  • Choosing the right product or service

  • How to get rights to hot products for as little as $250

  • Creating a marketing plan for your product that is nearly risk free

  • Developing a U.S.P. (unique selling proposition) that pulls in sales like crazy

  • Preparing headline that attract maximum attention

  • Writing sales letters that will earn millions for you

  • Why you are 17 words away from a fortune!

  • The most important investment you will ever make. And why

  • 11 secrets of how to survive and prosper during tough times

  • How to hire the very best employees

  • How to find and structure join ventures

  • How to legally protect your assets

  • How to be an Electrifying Public Speaker

  • How to write and publish a book in 3 months, even if you’ve never written a word before (Ted believes there is at least one great book in everyone)

  • How to run a virtual Web-based or mail order business

  • How to generate free publicity that sells your product like crazy

  • How to market yourself effectively

  • Secrets of a P.S. that can increase sales by 300%

  • How to prepare an outer envelope that begs to be opened

  • How to earn $1000,000 to $250,000 a year and more as a consultant

  • How to have a waiting list of clients for your services

Quality of life topics include:

  • How to meet new friends

  • How to meet that special someone

  • How to get the ideal job that you can keep forever

  • How to get the best table in any restaurant every time

  • How to attract all the money you need for your business ventures


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