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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I love islands, don't you?

A few moments away, the white sand is magnificent.
Bethany and I love to walk though it barefoot to
feel its radiance. And the sun is warm
and soothing.

Wish you could be here in Florida to enjoy this
special island in the sun with us.

We enjoy the atmosphere here so much. Right now
as I write these words I'm sitting at poolside
overlooking the tennis courts next door to our
newly acquired Tampa condo.

Our new Harbour Island home overlooks the water
where we watch cruise ships coming in every day.
Bethany and I feel so very blessed to have
discovered this dream location.

Last weekend our seminar at the Tampa Convention
Center helped change the lives of so many
entrepreneurs. We conducted what was undoubtedly
the most powerful and exciting direct marketing
seminar for Internet and offline entrepreneurs ever

To differentiate it from any other, we've renamed
the event "Success in the Sun."

I'll share a few highlights and success stories from
our event with you. You'll soon begin to see why it
was so special.

First, we raised a lot of money for a great charity,
The Hole in the Wall Gang, founded by the late
Paul Newman. To help youngsters suffering from
cancer is extremely rewarding.

We also invited three surprise speakers who were
not advertised:

1. Bob Bly, author of 72 books, including The
Copywriter's Handbook, revealed terrific
information on how to raise response from
your Website. He did a beautiful job in his
presentation and is a very accomplished speaker.

He just sent me this e-mail:

"Thanks for the great program in Tampa this

I am a stupid person. Stupid because I didn't attend
a Ted Nicholas seminar decades ago, when I first
started in direct marketing.

If I had, I would be much richer and accomplished
than I am today.

You are one of the most generous, giving guys in
our business. I am proud to know and admire you."

Bob Bly
Copywriter / Consultant

2. Ed Taylor is undoubtedly the #1 expert on
Search Engine Optimization. He held nothing back.
For example, he revealed how, at zero cost, you can
get a #1 ranking on Google. It was a fabulous and
memorable presentation.

3. Matt Furey is a legendary Internet marketer
and by far the most successful in his field. He told
an amazing story. He had always aspired to be a
writer but was turned off by the conventional
publishing approach. Rejection, no marketing help,
and changes of his work by publishers were just
not for him.

Matt saw my ad in Spotlight Magazine with the
headline, "You, a Millionaire Writer?" He
responded and read my special report offering a
home-study course based on a seminar. He scraped
together $317 and bought it in 1995. Beginning
with no money and $50,000 in debts, he has built an
information publishing empire. Sales so far have
exceeded $30,000,000. That's thirty million!

Matt generously told all, including his hard-won
secrets, to our attendees.

Matt is also a passionate and powerful speaker. In
fact, he is the best I've ever heard on e-mail
marketing strategies.

He sends 1-3 e-mails a day to his list and almost
always exceeds an amazing $10,000 average in
revenue on each one!

He strongly believes Internet marketers do not
contact their list often enough. I support and agree
with him. But, of course, the e-mails must be very
well written, as are Matt's.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today's Success Tip

Emulate the mega income of the top Internet
successes. How? Simply send e-mail more often
to your database.

Caveat: Always provide useful and profitable
information that can be immediately acted upon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A popular part of the seminar were the amazing
success stories by attendees who are information

Here are a few of them:

-- Bob Miles, the best-selling author on Warren
Buffett's investment techniques, shared how he got
the attention of the world media and sold tons of
books in Omaha. He did it very inexpensively.
How? With free ice-cream cones at a Dairy Queen.
The entire promotion cost him just $90!

Even Warren Buffett himself came to claim his

When the major media heard about the event
which attracted even the famous Warren Buffett,
they also came in droves. And they wrote stories
which appeared all over the world.

-- Trevor Crook, a world-class copywriter, went
from bored banker to excited and successful direct
marketer. He began by selling a Dan Kennedy
marketing course and other information products in

-- Joachim de Posada is an internationally
acclaimed speaker and author. His best known book
is entitled "Don't Eat the Marshmallow...Yet!" To
date he has sold 2.5 million copies. He caused a
stampede among attendees to buy his amazing book
after telling this most compelling story.

Joachim attended a Gary Halbert seminar in Key
West in 1992. I was a featured speaker. The
occasion was to raise money for the victims of the
devastating Hurricane Andrew. We managed to
raise over $1,000,000.

At the end of my presentation, Gary asked me to
write down the most important success lesson I ever
learned in my life and not to show it to anyone.
After I did so and put in an envelope, he began
auctioning it off. Only one person in the audience
was going to get the secret.

The bidding began at $5; $10; $50; $100, until it got
to $1,500! Of course, all of the sales proceeds went
to the Hurricane Relief charity.

But Joachim's curiosity was killing him. He
desperately wanted to find out what was in the
envelope. However, he couldn't find the successful
bidder, who had already left the seminar to catch his

After two years of frustration, he ran into and
recognized this very same attendee at another

He asked this man what was in the envelope and
was generously given the secret. He loved it. So
much so, it literally changed his life.

With the owner's permission, he was able to put
the secret in a sealed envelope inside his book.

Every time Joachim speaks he tells this story. And
sells tons of books!

The secret has gone on to help sell millions of
copies of his book. And impact and change the
lives of millions of people around the world.

Would you, too, like to have this secret? Not to
worry. I'll make it available to you in a moment.
I know it will help you on your success path.

Do you want to become an Internet millionaire
like so many of my attendees have done? Yes?

One thing you must fully understand. No matter
what you are selling, it's an absolute must to
write powerful copy. Especially in your e-mails.
And on your website. You just can't generate
success and wealth in any direct media without
"killer" copy.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

© Copyright MMIX Ted Nicholas