Using a Simple Postage Stamp Can Increase Your Income From Mailings


Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Do you like simple ideas that can make you money? 
Well, I've got some good news to share today.

I'm going to cover a very easy action that can
significantly increase your income.

Just use stamps on your mailings rather than
metered mail or bulk imprints.

Live stamps on outer envelopes outpull response
from bulk indicia as proven in all my sales letter
tests. This also applies to postcards as well.

Most direct mailers use bulk indicia.  They are
obviously unaware how this simple action will
increase sales.

But, since you now have this little-known
actionable information, you can reap the benefits.

I've never used stamps versus bulk indicia without
a significant lift in response.  However, I
recommend you prove it to yourself by conducting
a simple test. On your next mailing, test half using
stamps and half with bulk indicia. Measure the results.

I'd be very surprised if your stamped envelopes were
not the clear winner.


1. If you mail first class, you can use regular issue
stamps.  However, sometimes unique special issue
first-class stamps work even better. This too is
easy to test.

2. If you mail bulk rate, which is of course
considerably cheaper, use bulk-rate stamps.

It's tough to tell first class mail from bulk mail
when it has a stamp on it.

A big bonus for you is this. Very often the post
office confuses live bulk rate stamps with first
class stamps and delivers as if it were first class.

I just returned to Switzerland from a delightful trip
to the U.S.

There were two major highlights of the trip. The
first was a beautiful voyage across the Atlantic on
the QE2, perhaps the most famous transatlantic cruise
ship in the world. What an experience!  Both Bethany
and I have long dreamed of taking this journey ever
since we were children.  But we never took the time
before to do it (it takes 6 days). We were delighted
with the whole thing--the people, activities, food,
cabin, plus several best-selling authors aboard.

Plus, we became acquainted with two delightful
entrepreneurs, Steve and Lori Leveen, the founders
of Levenger, a terrifically successful direct response
company you surely know.

Best of all, we didn't gain an ounce of weight.  The
fully equipped fitness center really helped too.

I highly recommend the QE2 or new QM2 as a journey
of dreams.

The other major highlight was conducting the most
unique seminar I've ever done, The Small Business
Success Summit in San Francisco, along with my co-
speaker Joel Christopher.  For the first time ever,
both online and offline marketing strategies and
cutting-edge copy were presented.  We even sold
online $33,898.00 worth of product in one day right
before the eyes of the attendees from 12 different

I was also delighted that my son David was an

For years I encouraged him to attend my seminars
and study marketing.

But David's previous interests were always primarily
in music (he's a capable professional) and computer
science. He was not ready to really get into
marketing. Of course, this was fine by me as I
believe everyone has to find his or her own path. 
And, as you know, no one can force you to learn
until and unless you are ready for it.

However, after attending a previous seminar at which
I spoke a few months ago, he really got turned onto
marketing. He now has his own web design company and
his first several clients. He's really excited about
entrepreneurship and marketing.  I'm proud of him.
As the saying goes, "When the student is ready,
the teacher appears."

Best of all, every single concept, questions and
answers, of the seminar were professionally recorded
on video and audio.

If you are serious, study the information and employ
the very latest marketing principles.  I highly
recommend these tapes. You truly can become part of
history and take your business to the next level.

Check for details.


Ted Nicholas

Copyright 2003 Nicholas Direct, Inc.