Tell’m What They Will Lose

Friday, July 30, 2004


In the next few moments you will discover how to
be a far more successful direct  marketing

Today I'm going to reveal a powerful yet little-
known marketing tip that can increase your profits
100-fold.  This is not a misprint!

Nearly every entrepreneur, marketer and  copywriter
I know makes a huge mistake.  Perhaps this includes

Every time you plan your marketing and advertising,
do you make an offer where you stress only the
benefits?  Do you focus only on what will be  gained
by buying your product?

Does this sound familiar?  Whether you  have a work-
from-home business, are running an internet
business, or run a medium or large company, if the
answer is yes, you are not alone.

As my friends in Australia say, "No worries mate."

I'm  going to share a huge success secret today I've
never stressed previously.  Nor have I seen anyone
else do so before.

Before I unveil the way you  can really make money
selling your own products, lest I be misunderstood,
I'm not saying "hope of reward" in your copy cannot
be a successful  marketing strategy.  On the contrary,
in some cases it beats all other approaches.

Indeed, I often employ "hope of reward" and
"what you  will gain" hot buttons very profitably.
And so do other successful marketers.   

Of course, the beauty of direct marketing in any
form is you don't  have to guess.  You can evaluate
the result accurately through scientific tests.

Today's object lesson is that I've made perhaps
100 times more money for myself and as a marketing
consultant for clients worldwide pressing  another
hot button.

The emotion touched is fear of loss.

**  Everyone really hates to lose  **

When you tell a prospective customer what they
will lose by not accepting your offer, a big
percentage of them will buy!

Here are a few examples of products, marketing
strategies and business types where I've pressed
this hot button and driven sales through the roof.

**  Information Products  **

Newsletter--The  Trend Letter
Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
How to Stop  The Competition From Eating Your Lunch

Book--The Complete Book of Corporate Forms
Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
How to Protect Yourself From Losing Your Possessions,
Your Home, Cars and Cash, All  Because You Didn't
Window-Dress Your Company With the Right Paperwork

Book--Complete Guide To Asset Protection
Marketing strategy,  beginning with the headline:
How to Make Yourself Judgment  Proof

Book--How to Form Your Own Corporation
Without a Lawyer for Under $75
Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
Incorporate  Yourself to Protect From
Personal Liability

**  Services   **

Small Business Incorporation
Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
Use This Incorporation Service Now Before the
Lawyers  Prevent You From Doing So!

Government Contracts
Marketing strategy,  beginning with the headline:
Get a Piece of the Government Giveaways  Before
The Money Runs Out

**  Automobiles  **

Marketing  strategy, beginning with the headline:
Only 7 More Custom Convertibles  Left--Buy Now or
Lose the Opportunity Forever

**  Estates  **

Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
Get the Last Mansion Left Before Luxury Project
Is Sold Out

**  Retail Shop  **

Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
1/2 Price  Sale--50% Off Designer Clothes While
Supplies Last

**  Restaurant   **

Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
2 Dinners For the  Price of 1
Buy one dinner--Get the second Free
This week only--Expires on Sunday

**  Free Gift Bonuses That Help Induce a Quick
Buying Decision   **

Marketing strategy, beginning with the headline:
Only 117 Portable  TV's Left--Get Yours Free
While Supplies Last

I could go on with many  more examples.  However,
I urge you to study the foregoing.  Think about
your product or service.  Allow your creative
juices to  flow.

Then do a direct marketing test.  Use online
advertising via  e-mail, a direct mail sales letter,
postcard, or radio or TV commercial.  Create an
offer telling your prospective customers what
they will lose if they don't buy your product now.

Send 50% of a test group of customers  your new
offer.  Send the other 50% of the test group your
present best "what they will gain" offer.

Then compare results.  I know from  experience in
many cases your new offer will pull a far more
profitable response.

When this happens to you, I'd love to hear
about it.

Stay tuned for continued tips and proven
strategies that will increase your sales and

Your correspondent,

P.S. Another reviewer  of my book, How to Turn
Words Into Money, states:

"Although I have no  practical experience with
advertising and bought your book out of mere
curiosity I must admit that I am really impressed.
There is not a tiny  bit of the usual 'bla,bla' --
every thing is very much 'hands on' and it is
a pleasure to read.

"I am surprised that someone who is as successful  as
you is sharing his experience and insights with
ordinary people. To me your advice appears extremely

"Thank your very much!"

Patrick Christener, Germany

P.P.S."Success seldom rests on the big things.
It's doing lots of small things well over and over. 
Success is in the margin.

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