A Surefire Tip that Always Increases Sales


Tuesday, August 31, 2004


How much would it be worth to you to possess a
marketing secret which is almost certain to
double, triple, even quadruple your sales?

Plus, you can build even better rapport and a
closer bond with all your customers. This secret
can also result in significantly increased revenue
and an increased profit margin in the long run.

The key is the creative use of fr^ee gifts.

I've never sold anything that didn't sell better
after offering well-chosen fr^ee bonuses and

Including valuable fr^ee bonuses and gifts
within your offers can have a remarkable effect
on increasing sales. No other strategy is as
powerful in creating sales than building greater
value for your products.

I'm sure you and everyone reading these words
loves to get things fr^ee. I know I do. It's a
universal human quality.

The word fr^ee, in fact, is the most powerful
word in any language.  (However, in electronic
marketing using the word fr^ee can have your
offer kicked out by sp^am filters. Always avoid
using fr^ee in all caps. Use upper and lower
case.  To avoid many of the filters, the word
can be presented as it is in this article. Plus,
see other tips later in this message.)

Fr^ee gifts can also be effectively used as
surprise, unadvertised bonuses in your outgoing

Tip 1: While bonuses do not have to be expensive,
to be effective they must be of good quality. 
Otherwise, if your fr^ee gifts are cheap looking,
junky and don't work, as are far too many sent by
direct marketers, your efforts will have a negative
result.  You will turn off your customers forever.

Example of a good, low-cost quality product.

More than 10 years ago with an order from a
direct marketer, I received a simple but
attractive rubber jar opener (with company
logo on it). This piece of rubber is designed to
easily open sealed jars. We use it often with
gratitude to the sender.

There is also a powerful psychological reason to
incorporate fr^ee gifts in your marketing
strategy.  Based on the law of reciprocity, if you
shower customers with valuable gifts, people
tend to feel more obliged to continue doing
business with you.

Tip 2: An almost irresistible marketing strategy
is to reverse the risk completely. How? Make
the total actual value of the free gifts included
in your offer exceed the value of the product
you are selling.

Tip 3: The number of fr^ee gifts makes a
difference.  I've found the use of either 3 or 5
fr^ee gifts works best.

Tip 4: In all forms of marketing, delay is death.
Make including the fr^ee gifts conditional upon
making an immediate buying decision. For
example, "If your order is received within 7 days
(or by a given date), you will receive 5 early-bird

Tip 5: Do not use failed or unappealing bonuses.
Use only highly desirable and appealing items as
bonuses and gifts for which people would gladly
pay their hard-earned money.

Tip 6: As with all products you market,
differentiate each fr^ee gift with descriptive
benefit-driven copy. For example, if you offer
a calculator in a bonus, make sure you include a
description of why it's unique.  This could be
extra large keys.  Or an easy-to-read screen.

** Examples of Successful Fr^ee Gifts **

-- Book
-- Special report
-- CD or DVD
-- Calculator
-- Coin purse
-- Travel alarm clock
-- Travel lamp
-- Personal alarm device
-- Vitamin carrying case
-- Mont Blanc pen set (for expensive products)
-- Tee shirt
-- Baseball cap
-- $10-50 discount certificate for your product
   (with cutoff date)
-- Wristwatch
-- Mercedes convertible (for $5 million and up
-- Bracelet

** Examples of Successful
   Unadvertised Fr^ee Gifts  **
(to be included in outbound shipments)

-- Key ring
-- Jar opener
-- Flashlight
-- Magnet with your logo, telephone number
   and email address
-- Pen
-- Pocket knife
-- Pocket calendar
-- Diary
-- Flower seeds

In e-mail marketing, the word Fr^ee is
unfortunately often associated with spa^mmers.
Therefore, why do ethical marketers continue to
use fr^ee as a key part of their strategy?
Simple.  It works.

Caveat.  While this is not to be construed as
legal advice, a few suggestions regarding
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules may
be helpful, particularly to U.S. marketers.

Be careful when making fr^ee offers. You
could be charged with misleading consumers.
Fr^ee must truly mean fr^ee. You must not
recoup the cost of a free product in any way. 
Your advertised product cannot be of lower
quality than the same type of product you
normally sell. And the price cannot be increased
to make up for the fr^ee product.  A product
should not be advertised with a fr^ee offer for
more than six months in any 12-month period.
Furthermore, 30 days should lapse between
offers.  And a fr^ee offer should not be
promoted more than three times in a 12-month

If you are in doubt about your offer, check with
a lawyer who is knowledgeable on FTC (or the
governing body in your country) rules.

Use the fr^ee gifts to build your business to
entirely new levels. Deliver more value than
ever before. And I trust you'll enjoy your
increased success so well deserved.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

Nicholas Direct, Inc.
P.O. Box 877
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785

P.S. Success seldom rests on the big things. It's
doing lots of small things well over and over.
Success is in the margin.

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