More Heart-to-Heart Marketing Secrets

The Success Margin

Monday, September 19, 2005


As discussed in the last issue, what comes from
the heart goes to the heart.

But the good news is that the heartfelt words do
not have to be yours to create enormously
powerful advertising.

** Using the heartfelt words of others
successfully **

Perhaps the most underused marketing technique
is the proper use of testimonials.

It constantly amazes me that the majority of my
clients over the years do not effectively utilize the
testimonials which are buried in their files.

These words of testimony from the mind and
heart of your customers can become a goldmine
for you.

One of the first things I do when working with a
new client is to ask for all the testimonials
which have been received.

Tip 1: When you receive a great testimonial from
a customer, request permission to use all or part
of it in your marketing. Also request a photo.

Tip 2: Always include the full name, town or
city under the testimonial.

Tip 3: If you are not getting many or any
testimonials, the problem is undoubtedly in your
product or service. Work harder on improving it
so your customer will be delighted to do business
with you.

Tip 4: There is nothing wrong with soliciting a
testimonial. And you may learn things about
your product or service which can be improved or
corrected. Simply write a warm personal letter to
your customer list. Just tell the truth. Mention
you are updating your marketing program and
you would be extremely grateful if your customer
provides comments about what they liked most
about your product.

The testimonials I use for my own products are
unsolicited. I get letters regularly from
delighted clients which are truly priceless.

The "Most Powerful Secret of Communication,"
the August 31, 2005 issue of The Success
Margin, really struck a chord with subscribers
from all around the world. If you are a new
subscriber and would like to access this article,
go to the archive at

Here are just a few heartfelt comments from

Gary Bencivenga, now retired, is considered by
insiders as one of the world's best and most
successful copywriters ever. I consider him
the "second best copywriter in the world."

Gary writes: "You are amazing, friend. You
reached the level of greatness many years ago,
yet you just keep getting better and better. You
have written so many words of fantastic advice
over the years, but this latest has to rate among
your best.

"Bravo, Ted, for all you have taught us--and
keep teaching us. Reflecting the truth of this
latest message, your emotionally charged words
came straight from your mine...and
now return to you bearing my own emotion,
Gary Bencivenga

Another subscriber writes:
"You're a man after my own heart (no pun
intended). Great minds think alike (even though
I'm not in your class). Just wanted to drop you
this note in great appreciation for this exemplary
article...highly motivating and filled with
fabulous information...thank you kindly from the
bottom of my heart. I know of what you speak. I
may not have your gift of gab dictionary
mind...but we still share the same values, views,
and psychology of life. By the time I got down to
the last three paragraphs I had tears in my eyes."

A subscriber from Florida:
"Thank you for the gift you gave me in today's
e-mail. I truly enjoyed reading it. You are a true
inspiration to me as a mentor. I hope I can someday
shake your hand and tell you this in person."

A man in the herbal business writes:
"Very powerful information. I will use it to my
fullest. Much gratitude for your work and
efforts...It is this information and open
communication this world needs to begin to
right many wrongs we live with in our greedy
unconscious world."

A leading teacher of metaphysics writes:
"Recent article is lovely--Thank you...with all
my heart!"
Saniel B.

An Australian subscriber sent me his new
emotional brochure copy and writes:
"Today I was about to write another test
brochure. But before doing so I read The Success
Margin. Then I wrote from deep within my heart
the enclosed brochure copy that beats everything
I've ever written."
Stephen J.

A subscriber from Iran writes:
"Your recent issue has so moved me. I'm going
to be filled emotionally and truthfully and deliver
truthfully to 20 senior managers. Please keep
sending me The Success Margin for which I shall
be thankful."
Ramesh V.

Another subscriber writes:
"You made my day. It is so great knowing you. I
believe you are my great motivator."
Tim O.

A subscriber from Dubai:
"Your message was indeed very touching. All
you have said in The Success Margin is a God-
like truth. In fact, ever since I was dreaming
about creating a video campaign to discourage
risky driving. But now I'm going to launch it!
And I'm sure when it is ready, it might force you
to cry."
Nasir I.

Were I to create headlines and subheadlines from
the foregoing customer testimonials, here are a
few examples:

* * * * * * * *
"Your emotionally charged words came straight
from your heart into mine...and now return to
you bearing my own emotion...gratitude"

* * * * * * * *

"By the time I got the last three paragraphs I had
tears in my eyes"

* * * * * * * *

"This information and open communication is
needed to right some of the many wrongs in our
greedy unconscious world"

* * * * * * * *

"After reading your e-zine today I wrote my new
brochure copy--beats everything I've ever

* * * * * * * *

"You have written so many words of fantastic
advice over the years--but the latest ranks among
your best"

* * * * * * * *

There is something extremely special and
believable in the words of a testimonial.
Nothing can beat it.

To increase your success margin, I urge you
to write from your heart. And in addition, mine
the gold contained in the heartfelt words which
may be buried in your testimonial file.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

© Copyright 2005 Ted Nicholas