Huge Success with Short Copy Formats

The Success Margin

Friday, November 18, 2005


Today's subject is about how you can make a huge
fortune once you master short copy formats.

These include small ads on:

1. The Internet, Google, Yahoo and on your
Website and other Websites which serve your
2. Postcards
3. Classified ads

Short copy format can sometimes be used to
directly sell a low-cost product for under $20.
But their best use is as a two-step strategy.

In two-step marketing, the short copy is used to
generate a lead. Then a follow-up longer copy
letter or e-mail closes the deal by offering a
great product offer.

I like offering a Free book, special report or
e-zine that offers valuable information as the
first step.

Indeed, I started my entire direct marketing
career in 1973 with a successful $90 classified
ad run in the Eastern edition Mart section of
The Wall Street Journal. The ad offered free
information about my book, "How to Form Your
Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under

It's amazing to me. But true. Incredible
amounts of money are wasted every day on
unsuccessful short copy formats.

Perhaps ten times more than is wasted on short
copy which flops than on unsuccessful long copy

The copy does not work because it's not strong
enough to pull sufficient response to make money.

The underlying reason may surprise you.

The copy is weak. Or confusing. Or it simply
doesn't resonate with the intended audience.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, short copy must
be even better than long copy to succeed. Every
single word must do its job. Relatively speaking,
you can get away with murder in long copy.

But surprisingly few marketers who write their
own copy give short copy projects the attention
they deserve.

If Internet or outside copywriters are used,
instead of hiring the "Olympic Champions of
Copywriting," inexperienced or weak unproven
writers are retained.

The big mistake in thinking goes something like
this, "Since the small ad or postcard is relatively
cheap, better use a relatively inexperienced or
young writer rather than waste money on seemingly
high-cost talent."

That's why very few marketers and copywriters
are effective with short copy.

Over the years I've hired several copywriters to
help with long-copy projects. But because it's
tougher to do well, I personally write every word
of short-copy projects for my own companies.
And for my client companies.

While it may seem economical to work with junior
writers for short copy, it's only an illusion. The
most expensive copywriter you can ever hire is one
that fails.

Learn how to write effective copy yourself. No
skill will pay you more. For the best program on
copywriting, including short copy, you will soon
receive full information on obtaining my Million
Dollar Copywriting Secrets Home Study Program.

If you prefer not to be the copywriter for short
copy projects my advice, as with all copywriting,
is to first look for a track record of success.
Then hire the best person you can possibly afford.

To your continual increased success...

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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©Copyright 2005 Ted Nicholas