Little-Known Success Secret

The Success Margin

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Most people have it backwards.

The majority believe that to succeed in a really
big way, there are some hidden truths. And if
you knew those secrets you could earn unlimited
wealth quickly and easily.

It is widely believed that just by putting forth
minimal effort you could somehow be showered
with all kinds of riches. This is, of course,

Here's the reality. Such views lead to frustra-
tion, unhappiness and poverty. Clearly, despite
its popularity through the ages, the dream of
something for nothing is a complete myth.

Precious few know the simple and powerful truth.
There is no free lunch. And never will be.

Please understand. I'm making an important
distinction between positive selfishness, which
is necessary and makes the world go around. And
negative selfishness, which is inhumane and
doesn't work.

Selfishness is the most misunderstood word in any
language, in my opinion.

Yet, unless you fully understand this important
word, your future will be limited. You will never
be as successful or as happy as you otherwise
could be.

The reason for the confusion is this. There are
two types of selfishness. Positive and negative.

Negative selfishness is self-destructive. And
doesn't work in the long run. It requires others
to sacrifice themselves to you.

Positive selfishness does not require sacrifice of
anyone to anyone. It involves a voluntary
exchange of relatively equal values.

The best example of positive selfishness in action
is the career of a successful trader, the
entrepreneur, who is exchanging values with those
who voluntarily deal with him or her.

(The best book ever written on this topic in my
view is The Virtue of Selfishness by the late
Ayn Rand.)

Related to positive selfishness is a universal law
called the Law of Reciprocity. At first it may
seem a big jump and not have any connection with
positive selfishness. But, I'll do my best to clear
up any confusion and tie it together for you. And
once you discover and apply this law, your life
and success level will dramatically improve
almost immediately.

Here is the real magic. There is no wasted energy
in the universe. When you give freely to other
humans, it comes back to you. Again and again
in almost unlimited ways. Your wealth will
increase not by a small percentage but by 10,
100, and 1,000 more times.

And it's not just your wealth that will multiply.
Your friendships, contacts, new friends and even
your health and happiness will instantly improve.
And so will your self-respect. The power of this
universal law is so enormous it defies imagination.

I recently returned from speaking at a London
seminar. That experience was a great example of
the Law of Reciprocity in action.

I wish you, as a subscriber, could have been
there. But as soon as the event was announced to
the sponsor's mailing list, mostly in the U.K.,
every seat was booked.

Within 24 hours 2,600 people booked their place
at Wembley Convention Center in London.

There was also a waiting list of over 200 after
the sponsor's mailing. There were simply no
seats available for my personal family of customers
and clients.

However, I will give you the second best gift
(next to being there) I can think of. I'll describe
the tone and character of the seminar to you.
That way you can gain its invaluable lessons
just as though you were there live.

Picture this.

The seminar sponsor, Andrew Reynolds, is a very
successful U.K. direct marketer, seminar attendee
of mine and friend of several years.

The seminar concept.

A very worthy charity. One hundred percent of
the money raised from the seminar seats went to
Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The
patients are children, many of whom are seriously

When Andrew last summer told me about the plan
to help this wonderful charity, I instantly agreed
to speak at no fee.

The result.

We raised over $600,000 within 24 hours after it
was announced! And I believe the total from our
efforts will exceed $1,000,000 very soon. Think
of how many children's lives we may have saved.

In my view, even if we extended or saved one
child's life, the event was incredibly worthwhile.

The seminar audience.

Entrepreneurs, nearly 100% who came from
Andrew Reynold's mailing list.

The speakers included several well-known
marketers from all around the world. Most
specialize in online marketing.

My long-time readers are aware that I advocate
the real secret to huge success is to not fall in
love with any media. But to use both online and
offline techniques. And I spoke about the best
methods to accomplish success.

Sales of my books and tapes were available at the
event. Attendees who wished to continue their
education in direct marketing were offered the
opportunity to do so.

The result.

More orders than any other presenter. And I
wasn't doing anything special to promote sales.
In fact, I didn't even make a pitch to buy my
materials. I simply described them to attendees
after I was asked to do so. More about that in
a moment.

Reaction from the crowd.

Hundreds of incredible testimonials after my
speech were given both at the event and in e-mails
which have been pouring in.

While the previous comments may give you a taste
of what happened, I feel compelled to share much
more with you. Not to blow my own horn. But so
you can capture the flow and spirit of the audience
who came from all over the world.

For example, when I was off the stage, for three
solid days I had a continuous line of people asking
for autographs while I answered their marketing

But during my speech I also shared some deeply
personal things about health challenges my partner
and I have faced, including our diet and exercise
program. What a reaction!

I commented that Bethany, my beautiful partner
of eighteen years, and I both are cancer survivors.
Hers at age twenty ? nasopharyngeal carcinoma
(survival rate 5%). And, mine?bladder
cancer?seven years ago. (I'm not sure of the
exact survival rate, but I know it's very low.)
Both of us are now completely cancer free and in
peak health.

I talked about our diet, exercise program, water
consumption, supplements and a special and
delicious anti-cancer breakfast cereal we make at
least twice a week.

A Nobel Prize nominated doctor has proven just
two special ingredients in our morning cereal
formula can prevent and even cure cancer.

It became clear that many delegates currently have
a loved one or friend who has cancer. Or a family
member who has suffered from cancer or passed
away. This prompted many questions about cancer
and health that Bethany and I answered offstage
long into the night.

I also talked about the importance of a loving
relationship in your life. I shared how I feel
about Bethany.

Numerous men and women in the audience during
my speech visibly showed strong emotions. Many
were crying. Some tears were of joy; others of
sadness. Still others of hope, which none of us
can live without.

I also shared many of the biggest mistakes I've
made in my life. In business. In marketing. In
life. And I gave my view about how to avoid

How does all the above tie into the Law of

I'll give you some additional information so
you can answer this important question yourself.

In preparing to speak at any seminar, including
the Wembley event, I focus on answering just
one question.

"How can I best help the audience the most?"

Most speakers focus on what they can get out of
the event in fees, orders, clients, etc. (The
Wembley speakers were a notable exception.)

My speaking goal does not include anything else.
I'm not, for example, as a primary goal focused
on gaining clients or making sales of my books
and tapes. I don't even describe any of my
products unless the audience asks me to do so.
If this happens, great. But it's a by-product of
my main goal.

My view is as follows. I simply do everything
within my power to help the audience. Move
heaven and earth to communicate immediately
usable information during the limited time we
have together.

I continue to help those who ask for it when I
leave the stage (most professional speakers in
the world refuse to spend time off the platform
interacting personally with attendees).

You can't fool an audience of just one or a
stadium full of 2,600 people. Your audience can
sense your sincerity and where you are coming
from in your attitude, tone of voice and

I don't pressure the audience to purchase my
products. I know each attendee desperately needs
every product I offer to succeed online or offline.
I simply make my material available. If they
really want further education from me they can
get it. Very simple really.

The point is this. To achieve massive success as
a speaker, or marketer or entrepreneur, you need
to stop focusing just on your goals. Instead,
you've got to give and give and give. Do this with
your heart, soul and knowledge.

And when you really focus on the needs of your
clients, you in effect switch on the "Law."

Rewards of all kinds will come back to you

The entire event at Wembley, including all who
were involved, is full of examples of the Law of
Reciprocity in action. They include:

The promoter.

-- Andrew Reynolds, the promoter who created the
entire event, was so touched that the illness and
unnecessary death of a child occurred because the
parents couldn't afford treatment. He felt in a
wealthy country like the UK this is outrageous.
This prompted him to do something to help
children from poor families who desperately need
medical attention they cannot afford.

The speakers.

-- Every single speaker from around the world
donated their time and spoke without compensation.

The participants.

-- The real champions of any seminar are the
attendees. Every delegate received a ticket to
attend only after they made a contribution to
Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

The motive.

Everyone involved was present not for personal
gain, but for the children. But, look at what

-- Numerous contacts were made by speakers as
well as attendees with each other. Several major
joint ventures involving big money are already in

What's that worth?

-- Many like-minded people became good, almost
instant friends.

What's that worth?

-- Many new people were exposed to my work as
well as that of the other presenters. The impact
will last for years to come, maybe for a lifetime.

What's that worth?

-- Several chronically ill children's lives will
be prolonged and possibly saved.

What's that worth?

-- Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital will
get new equipment and also make some badly
needed repairs.

What's that worth?

-- Numerous attendees want to become future
clients of my copywriting, consulting, and
marketing services and to set up joint ventures.
I was also invited to speak at several other

What's that worth?

The above are just a few examples of the Law
of Reciprocity in action. The magical power of
the "Law" will exceed your most optimistic dreams.

The best part?

It never fails!

Unleash the power of the Law of Reciprocity in
your life. And watch your success, health,
loving relationships, and wealth multiply many-

Here is the real secret. Without being focused
on the outcome, give more value to your fellow
humans than they would ever expect from you.
It will come back to you many times over.

There may be a time delay in receiving a return
on your output of effort. But it will come back
to you and is just as certain as night following
day. It is also the most positively selfish thing
spiritually and financially you could ever do
for yourself.

As you personally experience the "Law" and
newfound success, I'd love to hear about it. I
promise to share your success with others. This
is still another example of how often giving
freely to others rewards the givers far more than
the receivers, while making the world a much
better place.

Dedicated to increasing your Success Margin,

Your Correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

© Copyright 2005 Ted Nicholas