7 Magic Transitions

The Success Margin

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Ask any successful copywriter this question.

Next to the headline, P.S. and opening, what is
your toughest challenge in creating a successful
piece of sales copy? Most entrepreneurial
marketers would answer this way. Making the
transition smoothly between one major idea to
another. The effect of copy which changes the
subject seamlessly makes your message
enormously more effective.

I face the transition challenge every time I write
something, as does every copywriter.

Much to my astonishment, when I looked for
books on the topic of great transitions there is
almost nothing.

So I created 31 of my favorite transitions. Then I
would always have this list at my side.

In this writing I will reveal seven of them. If you
like them, feel free to use them anytime you write
copy with my blessing. (Just think nice thoughts
about me when you use them.)

I know you will improve all your copy. Why?
They work like magic!

Here they are:

1. Wait, there's more

2. And here is the most important factor

3. Here's even more proof

4. Thousands of success stories are the best
proof of all

5. Please don't take my word for it

6. Can you put yourself in this picture?

7. Plus, there is something else
I'd like to send you

** Free Bonus **

Here is still another one:

And, one more thing...

The best way to use these Magic Transitions is
either as a separate paragraph. Or as a subhead.

Let me know how you like the Magic Transitions
and also whether a book with all of them would
be of help to you.

As always, to your increased Success Margin.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

© Copyright 2006 Ted Nicholas