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Monday, November 27, 2006


The beat of The Success Margin is success.

Today my comments are about how my friend
Andrew Reynolds chose to celebrate his 50th
birthday last week in a famous palace outside
London. And his remarkable success.

Andrew's incredible birthday bash tops anything
I've ever experienced or even heard or read

To give you a bit of background and flavor,
picture this.

* Location. About 20 miles southwest of London
in Surrey, Hampton Court is perhaps England's
most historic and best-known palace.
Construction began in 1514 and was finished 7
years later. The site is huge. Described by many
authors, its famous maze is in 60 acres of
riverside gardens. Rich with history, its best
known occupant was Henry VIII, who married
three of his wives there. Perhaps the most famous
wife was Anne Boleyn, who was charged with
adultery and treason and was beheaded at the
King's direction.

* Guests. Just 150 of Andrew's family and
closest friends were invited. The guests were a
real who's who of prominent authors, publishers,
stars of TV and stage, and entrepreneurs from
around the world.

The party was formal. Men in their tuxedoes and
ladies in their lovely dresses and gowns looked
fantastic. And the loveliest woman there was my
beautiful Bethany.

As the guests arrived the atmosphere was
enhanced as we were greeted by palace staff
dressed in authentic attire of the 16th Century.
One felt thrown back in time as Henry VIII in his
stentorian voice gave directions to the main hall
where his wife Katherine directed us further.

* Sequence. We were received for the first of
several champagne toasts in a gorgeous reception
hall. Then we were led through the palace to the
beautiful grounds by King Henry where we were
treated to a spectacular firework display that
would rival any I've ever seen, even in
Washington, D.C. on the 4th of July.

Dinner was next inside a beautiful, large tent
complete with dance floor and stage. Tables were
lavishly appointed with the finest silver, china,
glassware, candelabra, and flowers. Special
wines were served as were a delicious dinner and
incredible desserts.

* Entertainment. The highlight of the evening
was the special entertainer--none other than
Elton John! He sang mostly his well-known
classics including Rocket Man, Daniel, and Tiny

In my view, Elton is one of the very best
entertainers in the world. Along with his
songwriting skills, I especially like his
exuberance and passion.

The cost to hire Elton John for one evening was
$1,000,000. This works out to $16,666.66 for
every minute he performed.

As you can imagine, everyone had a ball. This
included Andrew Reynolds, I might add, who had
a grand time.

** A brief background **

I met Andrew at one of my seminars in 1999.

He's often credited me as an important mentor.
For example, Andrew tells the story of how one
idea I gave him earned him over $2,000,000
profit on a single mailing. (I teach this
technique at my seminars.)

It makes me very proud to be his friend. And to
have been a part of his incredible success.
Especially since he has become not only one of
UK's top marketers. But also one of the biggest
contributors to charities too.

Of course, there are always critics of any super
successful person. And some might find fault
with the cost of such an elaborate celebration. I
think this would be unfair and just the result of
envy and jealousy. Winston Churchill called
socialism "the philosophy of envy." I submit
no one can be as successful as Andrew without
creating untold wealth including thousands of
jobs, directly and indirectly, for others.
No one deserves a dream birthday more than him.

With all Andrew's accomplished, you might
suspect someone (as through an inheritance)
gave him a big boost along with way.

But that's not so.

Andrew, like so many of us, began with nothing.
Actually, he was born in a very small trailer

By age 40 he had a job selling houses. He hated
it. His 40th birthday party for his family was at
a Greek restaurant and cost him $1,000. And
that was a huge amount to him at the time.

But Andrew was determined to find a better
way of life. So he began going to seminars.
He discovered direct marketing and in a few
short years became really, really good at it.

Today his company expertly publishes and
markets books, CD's and DVD's. Andrew
has helped countless entrepreneurs become
more successful by furnishing them educational
materials. Plus, he is founder of the brand new
and successful TV show in the UK called
The Entrepreneur Channel.

Just imagine what his 60th birthday will be like!

What is the success lesson in this birthday
celebration? I believe there is something
profound that everyone who reads these words
can learn from.

You become what you think about. Rich or poor.
Successful or unsuccessful.

I've found that you must visualize your material
success before it can ever happen to you.
Andrew thinks big. And dreams big. He deserves
all his material rewards. And so do you.

You cannot survive or prosper in this world
without thinking. As Donald Trump says:
"If you're going to be thinking anyway, you
might as well think big."

Dedicated to increasing your Success Margin,

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

© Copyright 2006 Ted Nicholas