Creating a Sales Message

The Success Margin

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Subscribers frequently ask a very important
question: "Ted, exactly how do you go about
drafting a successful sales message?"

In this writing I'll reveal the steps I take, some
of which may surprise you.

Then I'll show you an unusually short but
highly successful sales letter sent recently that
will illustrate all the key points.

The market is in German-speaking Europe. So,
all my copy is translated word for word into
German. I'll show you the English version
before translation.

To create a winner in the health field, your copy
has to be really good. Your salesmanship in print
must outsell that created by the very best copy-
writers normally hired by other top nutritional
companies. Otherwise, you cannot succeed.

Clearly, you must begin with a terrific product
to have any chance of success. We are confident
our product is by far the best on the market.

Iis perfected, here is my step-by-
step procedure:

1. Outside research. You must really do your
homework. I study all the important scientific
studies done on other products on the market
formulated with Celadrin.

A very important step after you isolate the
benefits of your product is to answer what I call
the "So What" question. Explain and dramatize
emotionally exactly why this benefit is so
important to the prospect.

Tip: Don't try to shortcut the preliminary research
process. Few copywriters spend the necessary time
on research. They are far too anxious to start
writing the copy.

2. Check out the competition. Look at how
competitors are naming and positioning their
products. Examine the product benefits they are
stressing. But as it is unlawful, do not copy their
claims. Just use them for inspiration and ideas.
And rise above what others are saying. Don't
forget, ideas themselves are not protected by
copyright laws.

Remember, your Unique Selling Proposition
(U.S.P.) must be or at least seem different and
stronger than others in the field.

3. Create a product name that is appealing, easy
to remember, and therefore a great contributor to
the positioning of the product.

Tip: The product name is a crucial element in
any successful product. Most product names in
my view are weak and even boring. The biggest
sin in any part of the marketing process is to be

4. Create a compelling offer that includes at least
one attractive free bonus. In this case we're
including a sample of the product itself.

5. Create a guarantee which completely takes
away the customers' risk. (This guarantee appears
on the order form and is not shown here. It is an
unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.)

6. Finalize the selection of the media. In this case,
here is what is being used:
(a) House buyers and inquirers mailing list (offline)
(b) House buyers and inquirers mailing list (online)
(c) Outside buyers lists of nutritional diet-related
and health-oriented newsletters and books

7. Write the copy. Now it's finally time to prepare
the copy. The first thing I always do is to work on
what is responsible for 95% of the success--the
headline. It should contain a dramatic and
emotional promise.

The headline can be used both for envelope teasers
offline and subject lines online. Without a powerful,
provocative headline promise that you can prove in
the copy, you have zero chance of success.

Here is the one-page sales letter:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Use the above tips to help improve your copy. If
you'd like to share your successful copy plus gain
a chance to get additional exposure to thousands of
entrepreneurs, send me your case history for possible

This information, as always, is dedicated to
increasing your success margin.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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© Copyright 2007 Ted Nicholas