Headline Shortcut

The Success Margin

Thursday May 15, 2008


How responsible is the headline for the success of
any piece of copy?

At least 90%!

I have proven over and over again the indispensible
role a headline plays. How? By testing every style
headline I could possibly create.

I've also invested over $100,000,000 of my own
money on refining copy strategies along the way.
Besides headlines, these include sub-headlines,
opening sentences, closing sentences, the all-
important P.S., and the offer.

But headlines are in a special category of their own.
The fact is, without a strong headline, the copy
simply will not work.

I have run numerous split tests, testing one headline
against another. And it's so important, presently I
continue to run comparative headline tests.

Powerful headlines are, in fact, a big reason why
I've sold over 6 Billion Dollars worth of products
and services online and offline.

The fact is, I never "roll out" with an offer without
several headline tests. Reason? With exactly the
same body copy, the winning headline alone can
pull 8 to 15 times compared to the losing

But, in spite of all the evidence and proof
demonstrating the crucial importance of a powerful
headline, most completely miss the mark.

The majority of headlines are woefully inadequate.
And, most surprising, many are written by
experienced marketers and copywriters.

Like shortcuts? This article is about a real shortcut
to creating perhaps the most powerful headline you
could prepare.

I call it "the fill-in-the-blank method."

I believe if you apply the simple steps which follow,
you will increase your sales many fold.

There are 11 major headline types which I've
identified. Each type, properly implemented, is
extremely potent.

They are:

1. How to (Blank)
2. Secrets of (Blank)
3. Stacked Benefits
4. Problem/Solution
5. How to/Guaranteed
6. Get Benefit Fast, Regardless...
7. Solve a Problem...
8. Visualize it...
9. Ways To/Reasons Why
10. Problem Solver...
11. If...Then

Today I'm focusing on Problem/Solution. This
method surprisingly is seldom used. But as you'll
see, it is extremely effective.

Here are several examples of a Problem/Solution


No More Butterflies! No More Fear!
Learn the Tricks Pros Use to Speak with Ease
to Any Size Audience!


No More Wet Beds! An Amazing Technique from
Europe for Training Your Child in Just One Week!
Try it Risk Free - a 98.7% Success Rate!


No More Bad Hair Days! Here's a Proven
Way to Maintain the Perfect Look Any Day
of the Week!


No More Lost Sales! Here is an Automatic System
for an Effective and Timely Follow-Up
with Every Prospect!


No More Job Worries! Here is a Proven Guaranteed
No-Risk System to Earn Big Money in Your Spare
Time Beginning Without Capital!


No More Confusion About Vitamins! Here is a
Proven Doctor Approved System that Provides an
Individualized Program Just for You!


Tired of Small or Sagging Breasts? Finally, a
Natural Remedy for Stimulating and Tightening the
Bust - Guaranteed!


Are you beginning to get the idea?

The strategy behind the Problem/Solution technique
is this.

No more (major pain or anxiety.) Here's a quick
and easy (remarkably simple, little-known etc.) way
to (achieve the ultimate benefit.)

If you, dear reader, like the Headline Shortcut
method of learning, please let me know via email at
tnicholasdirect@aol.com. If enough subscribers request
it, I'll provide more Headline Shortcuts in future
issues of The Success Margin.

In the meantime, I'd love my clever subscribers to
share their samples of Problem/Solution headlines.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas