Headline Shortcuts (Part II)

The Success Margin

Thursday, 22 May, 2008

We're buried in e-mails! All due to an
unprecedented number of Success Margin
subscribers from around the world overwhelmingly
wanting more Headline Shortcuts!

Apparently my dear subscribers recognize the
enormous and irreplaceable importance of the

I'm very pleased! I love it when my readers "get it"!

Please understand this key point. Without a great
headline your promotion is doomed.

"75% of the buying decisions are made at the
headline alone." Who said so? The late, great, John
Caples, author of the wonderful book, Testing
Advertising Methods.

Today we'll cover the amazing sales power of what
I call the "Visualize It" headline technique.

Here are some headline examples which illustrate
this powerful technique:


Imagine...You a Millionaire Publisher!


Imagine...You on Top of the Best-Seller List!


Imagine... You a Millionaire Real Estate


Picture This... You Open Your Mail Box and Find
it Stuffed with Hundreds of Orders! Welcome to the
World of Mail Order Marketing!


Imagine... Sipping Pina Coladas on the Sun
Drenched Beaches of Beautiful St. Barts Where
There's Always a Gentle Breeze and the Most
Difficult Decision You Face All Day is Which 5-
Star Restaurant You'll Choose for Dinner!


Picture Yourself in a Committed, Loving
Relationship with the Partner of your Dreams!


Picture Yourself at the End of Your Speech
Experiencing the Entire Audience Spontaneously
Giving you a Standing Ovation!


The key to a successful "Visualize It" headline is
this. Your particular niche audience must closely
identify with and relate to what you present.

Here is the question I strive to answer before I start
writing a word. What's the biggest dream (or one of
the biggest dreams) the majority share within my
niche audience?

Every person, of course, has dreams. Whether they
are entrepreneurs, doctors, professionals, artists,
speakers, writers, or technical people, such as
computer technicians.

Your job is to discover what your audience
dreams about in the vivid fantasy life we all have.

Once you have struck the right emotional chord
with your audience that resonates, you are 90% of
the way to a huge multi-million dollar success. The
other 10% is to prepare body copy that amplifies the
promise within the headline.

Are you getting this headline stuff? Is it clear to

Please let me know how you are getting on with this
topic. Trust me. Every minute you spend
developing your headline skills will pay off for you
big time!

Watch for the next issue of The Success Margin. I'll
cover another powerful Headline Shortcuts (Part
III). This has made many of my clients very wealthy
indeed. And if you apply it, it will do the same for you.
I call it Ways To/Reasons Why...

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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