Headline Shortcuts (Part IV)

The Success Margin

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

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Today's important Success Margin series featuring
Headline Shortcuts continues with an enormously
powerful category. I call it Stacked Benefits.

I use Stacked Benefits when I'm promoting a
product or service with several strong benefits of
nearly equal power and importance.

I've found in certain instances there is no single
benefit "superstar." So this Stacked Benefit is ideal.

Learn it. Apply it. And watch your bank account

Here are some examples:

How to Grow Your Business, Gain More
Free Time and Profit Like Never Before
in Just Three Easy Sessions - Guaranteed!


Discover 147 Time-Saving Ideas That Will Help
You and Your Staff Get Organized, Accomplish
More in Less Time with Less Effort - Guaranteed
or Double Your Money Back


How to Get a Gorgeous Tan, Be Safely Protected
from Harmful UV Rays, While Gaining That
Natural Golden Look All Over... In Just Six Weeks
- Guaranteed - Or You Pay Nothing!


How to Safely Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days,
Maintain Your Energy Level and Avoid Sagging
Skin - Guaranteed or Your Money Back


How to Earn Money in Your Own
Part-Time Internet Business, With
Low Investment, Without Major Stress
and Still Have a Life - or You Pay Nothing!


How to Meet Three Qualified Single Men in 30
Days Who Have Been Thoroughly Pre-Screened,
Over a No-Obligation Cup of Coffee, Taking as
Little as 15 Minutes of Time - Guaranteed


Here is my Fill-in-the-Blanks formula for the
Stacked Benefits technique.

How to Get (Benefit #1) (Benefit #2) and
(Benefit#3) (three is ideal) In Just (actual time
period required) Guaranteed or (Your Money Back,
Double Your Money Back, It's Free, or You Pay
Nothing, etc.)

Does your product offer several benefits to your
prospects which are fairly equal in power?

If so, your Stacked Benefit headline may provide
you just the Success Margin you need!

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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